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The Artist Spot: Live Starr: January 2019/Facebook:

The Artist Spot: James Mayfield: January 2019/Facebook:

Bee Cause (Special) Gold Fingaz: December 2018/Facebook:

Bee Cause (Mini Series Spot) Mino Brooks: May 2018 YouTube:

Bee Cause (Mini Series Spot) Sandman (Sandmeezy): April 2018 Facebook:

The Artist Spot/Aul Purpis: April 2018/Facebook:

The Artist Spot/7 Weaponz: July 2017/Facebook:

The Artist Spot/ Roi Lush: July 2017/Facebook:

The Artist Spot/Uneeke Kenetic: June 2017 Facebook:

Bee TV Special/Freedom Williams: December 2016/Facebook:

Bee Cause/Jeffrey Weaver: September 2016/Facebook:

Bee Cause/YeshiahYisrael: September 2016/Facebook:

The Artist Spot/De’Blend (Persian Paper): August 2016/Facebook:

Bee Cause/The Mighty Hebrew: June 2016/Website: